About Romans View

Nothing can stop you from doing what you love. With this slogan in mind, I began exploring the world in a wheelchair in 2020, initially sharing my experiences only on Instagram. Then in June 2021, my travel and lifestyle blog went online on this website. Here you’ll find interesting travel tips, the most beautiful photo spots, useful information about accessibility and much more. I also want to use this website to inspire people to pursue their passions despite any difficulties. So Romans View isn’t “just” a travel blog, but also my “view” on life.

Target group

Romans View’s readers and followers include people from many different countries, who are especially interested in travel. Among them are, for example, people who like to travel, photographers, bloggers, influencers, various travel service providers and, of course, many people with disabilities. Topics such as accessibility always play a very important role here, but Romans View is still a platform for all like-minded people, regardless of their background or physical capabilities. The community is constantly growing and always engaging very actively with the posts. Please feel free to request a media kit, for more information about Romans View.

Collaboration opportunities

I always look forward to a serious collaboration with, for example, hotels, destinations, tour operators, airlines and brands. Of course, I welcome collaboration partners who specialize in the needs of people with disabilities, but also general partners who fit my community and with whom I can identify.

My content is a combination of personal experiences, useful information and high quality photos. The following list shows only a few examples of possible ways to collaborate:

Reise- und Lifestyleblog "Romans View"
  • Customized travel
  • Press trips
  • Reviews of hotels, airlines, services and products
  • Sponsored posts
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Content creation for companies
  • Giveaways
  • And many other options

You can use the following email for inquiries, suggestions and ideas:

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